Happy Birthday Ryleigh!

Sometimes everything lines up just how I want it and my blog captures so much of our daily adventures.  Other times...not so much.  This is one of those times.  I realized I have not blogged about birthdays at all this year...and we've already had three!  So, hopefully I can give each of them their own post very soon!  We'll start with Ryleigh...

Ryleigh turned one year old at the end of January!

We absolutely love this little lady!!  She can make dirt and mud so extremely adorable--it's amazing!!  Not only does she love playing outside, she also loves pretty things...especially tutus!  Unfortunately, my pictures from the beginning of the year are very disorganized...hopefully I can find more pictures of her birthday party and pretty clothes soon!

Some of Ryleigh's favorite things (both then and now!) include swinging and going for a run.  And it is no coincidence that they both happen outside!

On her actual birthday, Ryleigh was actually pretty sick.  She had been fighting a mean cold for two days, and still had one more day to go.  So, she had a super healthy carrot shaped carrot cake (with not-so-healthy frosting...I know!).  Kaia thought it would be awesome to have a carrot cake for her first birthday since her first food was mashed carrots.  :)  

Love, love, love this baby!!  And I love that almost six months later I know that cold only lasted a few days!  

Topaz Mountain

There is a fabulous place in Utah called Topaz Mountain.  Six or seven million years ago, a volcano erupted and formed a huge rhyolite deposit.  As the rock formed, topaz (a semi-precious gem) also grew.  We had a ton of fun with the kids and their aunts and uncles one day hunting for topaz.  You can break open rhyolite to find topaz or you can spot it in washes and dried riverbeds...especially after a good storm!  A big thanks to my mom for taking pictures after my phone died!

And here's a link for more information about Topaz Mountain:  http://geology.utah.gov/utahgeo/rockmineral/collecting/topaz.htm

Happy Spring!!

We decided to take some Spring pictures of the kids last week.  I was going to make them all wear Sunday clothes, but Harry really wanted to be Superman.  It just fits him perfectly, so we went with it!  Then, of course, Kaia wanted to be a princess and Ryleigh wanted to wear a tutu.  It turned out to be a lot of fun...even if I ended up planting fruit snacks on Ryleigh's tongue to keep her happy.  :)

How To Get Out of Trouble

Wow...where did the months go?!!

So much happened, but somehow none of it is written down.  How about a quick summary and then a moment from the awesome life of Harry!  :)

In review...we had some crazy awesome Dinovember fun, Thanksgiving, a Nativity event, Christmas (with fab visits from all but three members of Jon & my immediate families), Ryleigh's birthday (must do a make-up post on that one!), and Valentines!!  We've been studying Africa, enjoying the Olympics, and playing as much as possible!  The kids continue to amaze me with the way they grown, reason, and explain the world.

So, a peek into Harry's brilliant way of dealing with things:

My kids are not supposed to ride their bikes in the street.  They do get to ride them up and down the sidewalk where I can see them.  Tonight, I stepped into the street to get the mail and both Kaia and Harry rode into the street and started cruising past me.

Me:  Whoa!  Get back on that sidewalk!  You know better than that!

Kaia:  I was just checking the mail too.  (Yeah, still getting sent back to the sidewalk.)

Harry:  I was just riding in the street to give you a hug!  (Sheesh.  How can he get in trouble for that?!)

Dinovember (Part 1!)

It's a good thing Jon's brother told us about Dinovember; otherwise, we would have had no idea why these dinosaurs keep getting into trouble!

When we came back from an early morning run, we spotted them:  the dinosaurs were helping themselves to one of my favorite snacks (crackers, cream cheese, and jelly)!

Luckily, we knew that during Dinovember toy dinosaurs come alive during the night and have all kinds of adventures.  They also get into all kinds of mischief...

Kaia and Harry were not too sure what to think about them.  

Kaia decided to roll with it...those naughty dinosaurs!

Harry still insists that "these dinosaurs are fake!"

Harry thought it was much more likely that someone took our keys, snuck into our house while we were sleeping, and set up the dinosaurs.  This is serious business!

The next day, we found the dinosaurs in the middle of a rock band jam session!

After this, we had to put the dinosaurs up high so they could not climb down and get into trouble.  I'll let you know how that worked out next time!

Do you want to know more about Dinovember?  Click here to find out how it all started?